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UWC Blogs 

A collection of 369 blogs written by UWC students in 27 languages from 75 countries at the 17 United World Colleges.


I use UWC Blogs as a playground to experiment with new technologies. The latest iteration is built with VueJS and loads in 0.6 seconds or less.


  • Design
  • Development


Side Project

When I started UWC Blogs in 2013, my intention was to give UWC applicants a glimpse into life at UWC. At the time I was waiting impatiently to start my own UWC experience at UWC Waterford Kamhlaba. I had soaked up every bit of UWC promotional material, but I still couldn’t quite imagine what UWC would be like. So I read through every blog about UWC I could find and eventually created UWC Blogs to share the blogs with other UWC hopefuls.

Now UWC Blogs has grown to include over 350 blogs. That’s a lot of content!

In writing...